Cargo Handling Group is a growing and developing logistics company in Finland. We invest in new warehouses, railway tracks, handling machinery and equipment so that we can give the most efficient service to our customers. It is a strategic for us to also have our own trucking company and own transport fleet. That way we can guarantee just in time deliveries and fast reacting to new projects and possible changes. Another corner stone for us is the ongoing IT development and promoting EDI/XML transactions. That allows flawless and fast handling of large data flows.

Cargo Handling Group is a dynamic and growing logistics company. We have risk-taking capacity and readiness to make investments, if needed. We have made significant investments on efficient warehouse logistics and railway infrastructure during the last decade. We have built three warehouses in Kouvola during 2009-2019. These warehouses are modern and tailored for our operation. All warehouses are connected to railway network. We have 21 000 m2 of warehouse space, over 1000 m of railway tracks and 6 ha container terminal. IT development has been a determined and an ongoing project for over ten years now. The fruitful IT-development continues together with our customers.

Our customers are world’s leading industrial companies that operate on several industry sectors. Get to know our references: AGC Glass Europe, Belor Agro, Metsä Board

Examples of our services for different idustries:

  • Forest industry (paper, paper board, pulp): We load truck loads, railway wagons and make container stuffing. EDI connections enable fast and flawless management of large amounts of data. We load container trains for forest industry from our own terminal to China and the rest of Asia and to Russia.
  • Chemical industry: Rail transport and road transport are effectively combined in our Kouvola container terminal. Unloading and loading of tank containers with our own truck fleet enables fast turning times of wagons in Finland. We offer rail freight throughout the Russia / CIS region.
  • Timber industry: We load container trains to China and the rest of Asia. We have a long experience in handling sawn timber.
  • Glass industry: We handle and store flat glass of the world’s leading glass manufacturer AGC Glass Europe in our Kouvola glass warehouse. We also manage glass transports to customers in Finland, the Baltics and Scandinavia using inloader trailers.
  • Fertilizer industry: Our customer Belor Agro has outsourced the work of their fertilizer terminal to us. We handle the logistics of the entire fertilizer terminal including Customs clerance with our own team.

Cargo Handling Group employs more than 100 warehousing and transport professionals. We are a growing company and our logistics experts work e.g. in warehouse logistics, as transport coordinatiors, as forwarders and making customs clearance and documentation, in sales and in administration. Teamwork, language skills and customer service skills are valued in our international work environment. Digitization is strongly involved in our day-to-day operations, both in warehouse and in office.

We offer our employees the opportunity to build their own career path with us. When one gains experience and expertise in warehousing, you can proceed to more versatile and demanding warehousing work and manage a wider range of machines, equipment and IT systems. IT development has also brought a new spice to the work of our freight forwarders. They have been in a key role in developing a tailored WMS for Cargo Handling Group.

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Customer feedback: Metsä Board / Anna-Leena Grönqvist: “Kouvola Cargo Handling is always very aware of digital issues and has constantly developed its own processes and services”.

Efficient logistics is supported by efficient information systems. If there is a way a software can make logistics handling easier for our customers or if it can improve our own services, we will go for it. We have e.g. built integrations with customers’ IT-systems and developed an automated check-in and loading call-out system for drivers. An online tallying system utilized the documentation of Asian container trains. That shortens train turnaround times and allows a large amount of data to be processed in a short time. We deal with Customs electronically in all customs procedures, which enables smooth transactions and customs clearance at all borders. The ISO 9001 quality system is the backbone of our operations and a great tool for continuous improvement of services.

We carry out all assignments in accordance with the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSAB 2015 1.1.2016) with the exception of § 25 A. concerning insurance of the goods and the exception of § 7 par. 2 and § 19 B concerning time guarantee. NSAB conditions can be downloaded here or at Where we offer and/or carry out wholly or partly a transportation service we act and are responsible for the service solely in accordance with the relevant rules of the NSAB as agents and intermediates between the customer and carrier or other service provider. As the NSAB or other applicable rules may limit our or the performing service provider’s liability in case of loss of or damage to goods, we recommend your company to insure the risk of loss of or damage to your or the consignee’s cargo during transportation. Read NSAB 2015

Cargo Handling Group keeps in touch with its partners, customers and other interest groups. Our messages can be e.g. newsletters, invitations to events or other communications essential to our operations. We store information responsibly and follow our company privacy policy. If you do not wish to receive any communications from our company, please notify Anu Kujansuu by email about your request.