China block train


There has been a fast block train between Kouvola, Finland and Xi’an, China since 2017. Transit time is only 14 days.



The China block train has been operating between Kouvola, Finland and Xi’an, China since 2017. Kouvola Cargo Handling Oy is responsible for route sales, train loading and unloading and freight forwarding of the trains. Carrier on the route is KTZ Express (Kazakhstan railways), who is represented by UnyTrade Oy in Finland and in Nordic countries.



Transit time on Kouvola-Xi’an route is 14 days. We can also provide fast connections inside China, e.g. Xi’an-Shanghai 2 days.



Railway transportation is cheaper than air freight, but not so much more expensive than ocean freight. Kouvola-Xi’an railway freight is very competitive especially to/from locations in inland China.



Two singe customer’s block trains departed from Kouvola to China in December. In these trains the whole capacity is reserved for a single customer. The fast transit time is especially interesting to pulp, paper and sawn timber producers that have customers in inland China. Metsä Fibre’s Director responsible for redwood business, Mr. Tommi Saarnisto followed the train departure from Kouvola on 18 Dec 2018.


The block train traffic Kouvola-Xi’an-Kouvola started in autumn of 2017. The route privides a fast alternative for China export and import: the transit time on the route is only 14 days. There are always min. 41 x 40’ containers on the train.

The block train is a safe way to transport good to or from China. The train rides as a whole train from start to beginning and always using the same route. The only stop during journey is at Kazakhstan/China border where containers are lifted on other wagons due to China having a different railway length than Finland and CIS-area. In addition, we follow the train online and report the train location regularly to customers having cargo in the train.

Operators on Kouvola-Xi’an route:
Kouvola Cargo Handling is responsible for route sales, makes train unloading and loading and takes care of train forwarding. The carrier on the route is KTZ Express (Kazakhstan railways), who is represented by UnyTrade Oy in Finland and in other Nordic countries. The route owner in China is Xi’an International Port Multimodal Transportation.

Export from Finland in 2019:
At present we are providing only full block train service (41 x 40’ containers/train) in export from Finland to China. Then the whole train capacity is reserved for one customer. We have transported e.g. paper, carton board, sawn timber and metal and engineering industry products on block trains to China. We can arrange railway or truck transportation from Xi’an to anywhere in China.

  • Raiway tariffs
  • Pre-carriage and on-carriage by truck or by rail in Finland and in China
  • Container lifting (lifting capacity 41 tn)
  • Container storage (Customs bonded terminal area)
  • Container inspection, sealing, loading photograps
  • Container stuffing/loading, cargo securing, safety shields
  • Freight forwarding and documentation in Finland and in China: railway bills, customs clearance, transit declarations etc.

Kouvola Cargo Handling Oy
Tiilitie 9 (South side of the terminal)
45200 Kouvola, Finland

Tel. +358 44 535 8680 / Foreman

  • Use Tiilitie gate when entering the container terminal.
  • Inform KCH foreman about container pickups and returns in advance (tel. +358 44 535 8680)

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